Experience and
capacity for innovation

The social function of leisure places evolves according to the public who frequent them. Places have become interactive media that communicate information that goes beyond those related to functional characteristics and increasingly leverage the emotional sphere: it is no longer just places that communicate themselves and their functions, but new media that dialogue with their users using all available tools. The need to discover and use new communication spaces has become a constant in the most advanced and competitive markets and responds to the need for companies to express the most intimate values of the brand, integrate them with other purchasing and consumption variables and make them interact with other moments of everyday life. We know that in the increasingly intense and sophisticated competition between companies, the commercial moment has become an interesting area for building competitive advantages for any type of company, which seeks in retailing the conquest of solid relationships with end customers. It is clear that knowing how to produce goods of excellent quality is no longer sufficient to maintain strong positions in the market if these are offered in inadequate places: goods and services must be hosted in places in harmony, such as those we design.

RETAIL services

Not only products, but also support activities to improve the realization of the store: with targeted solutions and precise furniture choices, guaranteeing professionalism at every stage of the project.

Commercial interior design

The purpose of interior design is to create a functional and practical environment, combining the needs of the client without sacrificing style.

Evaluation & layout

We evaluate each interior design project in its entirety, analyzing specific needs in each situation, creating effective layouts.

Professional furniture concepts

We develop initial furniture proposals by selecting the most suitable products to enhance the furniture concept.

Production & distribution

We manufacture and supply quality products, offering the best technologies available on the market.

Logistics & shipping

Professionalism and convenience with every shipment, sending products as quickly as possible to the business.

Site management

Specialized teams of installers and fitters, supported by our site managers, ensure the perfect assembly of all products.

Concept design: ideas to define space and arouse emotions

In the global market,with similar products sold in similar spaces, what are the ways in which we can differentiate our shopping experience from our competitors? How can we define a space that, although comparable to others in terms of image level, type of finishes, merchandising, is different and unique enough to distinguish us from the crowd? The answer is the concept. We know that arriving at the definition of a concept means having concluded the analysis process and having arrived at a formal definition of what we want our image to be with the consumer The concept, although based in part on objective data (marketing data, product containment, market positioning), is instead largely intuitive, starts from aesthetic considerations and contains that spark of innovation that will make the difference compared to competitors: because it is the design, not the strategy, that transmits the passion of the brand to people. And that’s why the last factor that contributes to the definition of the project are the aesthetic references to which the company wants to be inspired because, although many of the factors involved are measurable, design is still an aesthetic discipline and the designer’s inspiration preferably comes from the heart.

Photography of a Project.

The development phases of a custom project are established in order to be fully effective in terms of profitability, customer loyalty and characterization of the stores we design, as well as in terms of product quality, timing and costs.

Product design

Designing display systems and sales support elements is not a prerogative common to all companies. In fact, they have a dual role, on the one hand the need to support in a strong and coherent way the communication messages that the project intends to convey to the final consumer, on the other hand to be able to present the … product enhancing all the qualitative, aesthetic and content characteristics. It is quite evident that different categories of products have different display peculiarities, but it is not equally evident how products of the same category require differentiated display systems according to their real value, the type of consumer to whom they refer or the type of use for which they are designed. We know this and we are confident in our capability to give the right support to retailers by designing systems that can give the product the right importance by putting it in a situation of easy use for the purchasing attitudes of the consumer for whom it is designed. Naturally, the design of display systems is inextricably linked to the ergonomic implications that the different types of products impose for dimensions and physical characteristics.

Design Brand Identity

In the competitive and chaotic scenario resulting from a rapid and unstoppable evolution of the market, the brand communicated through its spectacularization runs the risk of losing the dynamic response to the needs of the consumer that modern marketing promises to enhance. We know that the point of sale, as the theater of the brand, has become increasingly central in the communication strategies of companies and the goal to be pursued is to characterize it in increasingly particular ways. The value that the consumer attributes to the product is determined not only by its functional and emotional aspects but also by times, places and ways through which it is made available to him: effectively managing the image of the point of sale is therefore a winning weapon to get consumer loyalty. If it is true that the sales environment is able to influence the purchase decision sometimes to an even greater extent than the product itself, the key is in the atmosphere. Our role is to satisfy the customer’s request to strengthen and reinvigorate the image perceived by the visitor, through the exhibition experience, interpreting the value of the partner’s brand.

Projects examples

This section shows images of some of our projects, that are the result of a close interaction with our partners, in various parts of the world. These projects tell a path faced together, from the design of systems that can give the right importance to your product, to the actual implementation of these elements, so to be able to arouse emotions and memories in the minds of your customers.